Anti-Anti-Anti: de-visibility, unbiased biases and friends.



Ground floor, Hofatelier + Steinsaal
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Transmedia Arts

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Head of Department: Jakob Lena Knebl
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The large-scale, biased manipulation of public opinion by the media and social networks has reached a new level of international visibility. Yet awareness of this manipulation has not diminished its success. It has fed on widespread dissatisfaction and on a loop of biased oppositional attitudes. Fragmentation, agitation against exploited and oppressed groups, conspiracy theories, and lies have become part of our everyday lives. Inversely, these oppressed groups have implemented cultural strategies of darkness and opaqueness as a tool to counter hegemonic propaganda and populism.


Aaron-Amar Bhamra, Aleksandar Gabrovski, Anna Mutschlechner-Dean, Francesca Centonze, Gala Alica Ostan Ožbolt, Iris Writze, Jana Marie Kolbert, Johannes Hartmann, Maria Belova + Maria Rudakova, Marlene Stahl, Michael Schmidl, Natallia Yelavik, Patrícia Chamrazová, Samuel Minegibe Ekeh, Kashi Meyer

Image by ©