Who cares?



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Expanded Museum Studies

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Head of Department: Julienne Lorz
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Museums and archives are spaces of collecting, storytelling, showing. Their testimony and contribution to the writing of history are results of a simultaneous enhancement and concealment of events, content, and processes. What do we perceive and why? Who speaks? And for whom? Our desire to shine a light on the concept of care and collective memory grew out of a joint contemplation on the tasks of the museum and archival institution. With this project, we want to explore and question different institutional approaches. The examination of the tensions between what is made visible and what is consequently made invisible leads us to alternative spaces: in what ways might it be possible to see, communicate, think differently? Who cares? is not to be understood as a closed circuit but rather as fertile soil in which the seeds of future conversations and collective critical examination can sprout and grow.


Claire Lea Deuticke, Manon Fougère, Marie-Claire Gagnon, Konstantina Maria Hornek, Emilie Malmgren, Veronika Nikiforova, Iris Oke, Jody Adwoa Pinkrah, Samira Plunger, Nicole Waltener